Industry leaders in health care, economics, and logistics featured for first programs

BERKELEY, CA- In a matter of weeks, what started as plans for a quiet, soft launch of The Authoritative Source with programming devoted to cardiology, aging, and diet-related health issues quickly became a world-wide launch covering the COVID-19 crisis in order to provide reliable, up to date information about the pandemic.

The Authoritative Source was founded in late 2019 by Oscar-winning documentary director Charles Ferguson, with the goal of creating a subscription-based online platform to enable world-class experts to provide timely analysis and information to users in rapidly changing, high value subjects such as medicine, information technology, law, climate change, and asset markets.  With the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic and many governments’ inadequate or misleading responses, it became clear to Ferguson that there was an urgent need for trustworthy expert information on COVID-19 pandemic status, prevention, treatment, economic effects, and government policy responses.  As a result, Ferguson refocused The Authoritative Source to provide expert coverage of the pandemic.  This coverage will be freely available to all, without charge.  “We have been enormously gratified by the response of medical, public health, and economic experts, who are obviously extraordinarily busy during this extremely painful, demanding time,” said Ferguson, “and we hope that the quality of our coverage justifies their faith in us,”

At launch, The Authoritative Source coverage ranges from personal safety measures to potential COVID-19 treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir, to discussion of U.S. economic policy responses as compared to those of European countries, the urgent need to reduce demand for usage of ventilators, to descriptions of steps that both the general public and health care workers can take to manage limited supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE).  Forthcoming programs will cover the realities and ethics of ventilator rationing, Asian economic policy, evaluations of U.S. national public health policy, food supply logistics during the pandemic, and many other subjects. With many interviews already filmed, new experts constantly being added, and already enlisted experts filming frequent updates, The Authoritative Source promises to have new programs uploaded almost daily.

The Authoritative Source can be found online at